Carolyn Wayland in Cuba

Artist Biography and Resume

Artist Biography

 "Fluid color, the swift flow of brushstrokes by Carolyn Wayland provide an immediacy, a sense of present moment that frees and nourishes the viewer.”

Virginia Hall Gallery and Studio

A quick gestural brushstroke moved to the music at hand, and a color saturated palette are an integral part of Carolyn Wayland’s paintings.  The rest emerges from deep inside, her life experiences, and the esoteric side of life including theosophical and Buddhist studies. 

 Carolyn’s inspiration comes directly from her passion for nature, her love of reading and from her search for the truth.  As a west coast girl she spent many days in nature, first daydreaming in a tree in California, then living and rafting in river-filled Oregon, sailing around the island she lived on in Washington, and viewing the color saturated sunsets of Arizona where she now lives.

“I have always been in awe of nature’s energy and the beauty all around us.  I also am in awe of the unseen forces that are present in the universe, the energy that all life comes from and is part of. Painting is how I speak my truth.”

While living and teaching in Oregon, she developed her knowledge and skills in art, obtaining a Masters degree in Art Education in order to teach high school art which she did for 30 years.  “Exposing students to the world of art and to their own creativity was foremost on my mind”, she says.  Before high school art, she taught at a public alternative school where the entire curriculum was based on the arts.  Creative challenges came during the day at work as well as raising her son as a single mother. In 1994 she was honored with the  “Oregon Art Educator of the Year” award.   When she turned forty she made a pilgrimage to Abique, New Mexico after reading an inspirational biography of Georgia O”Keefe.  “She changed my life; she was an amazing artist and human being.”

 In 2002 she and her husband moved to Orcas Island, Washington,  where they spent two years building their dream home and a garden and studio for Carolyn. After that creative endeavor she focused her knowledge and love or art into painting.  “Painting there was such a pleasure.  I had the deer and rabbits for company and a hillside of poppies.”   She took oil painting classes on the island and acrylic painting classes off the island every summer.  “I loved being the student for a change, and I enjoyed banding together with a group of artists who were all deeply inspired by the work of Kandinsky, who himself studied theosophy.

This inspiration and her Buddhist studies have transformed her work more and more to the idea of art as meditation, both for herself and for the viewer. While color and  energetic brushstroke are both integral to her painting, she attempts to convey concepts and meaning through her work. ”Wayland combines her singles stroke of a paint-loaded brush with a chromatic intensity reminiscent of Emile Nolde” says Gallery and Studio Magazine, New York.

Carolyn’s work is on her website  She can be found in her Tubac, Arizona studio  ”where art and culture meet”.  She has also exhibited at the Monserrat Gallery in New York City, at numerous shows and art studio tours in Tubac, Tucson  and in Washington, and has sold work to various collectors on the west coast. Her works was featured in the fall of 2015 on the cover  and interior of “Quest” Magazine.  She is a member of the Tucson Contemporary Arts Society and the Tubac Center for the Arts. 

She lives and works in southern Arizona while not traveling throughout the Southwest, Northwest and Mexico with her husband, and a once a year trip abroad  to “some place I have never seen”.  Carolyn’s paintings glow with an inner radiance and are a landscape and mindscape of thrilling color and vibrancy reflecting both her internal and external experiences. 

Artist resume

Awards and Honors

2016    Best In Show award, TCA
2000    Duchess Award for outstanding art educator, Maude Kearns Art Center, Eugene,     OR
1998    Oregon Art Educator of the Year award

Teaching Experience


Art instructor, Friday Harbor High School, Friday Harbor, WA, Orcas High School, Eastsound, WA
Art instructor, Churchill High School, South Eugene High School, Eugene, OR
Coordinator, Orcas Arts Education Project, Eastsound, WA
Coordinator, Getty Grant Project, Eugene School District, Eugene, Or

University of Oregon instructor, “Teaching Art in the Elementary Schools”, Eugene, OR



University of Oregon M.A.  Art Education, Eugene, Oregon 1981
University of Oregon Secondary Art Credential, Eugene, Oregon 1988
Oakland University, M.A.T., Oakland, MI
University of California B.A., Comparative Literature, Berkeley, CA 1969


2019    Waterways juried show, Tubac Presidio, Tubac, AZ

 2019   TVAA First Annual Exhibit, Tubac, AZ

 2019  Aqueous juried Show, Tubac Center of the Arts, Tubac, AZ

2018    M ember's Juried Show, Tubac Center of the Arts, Tubac, 

2018    Member's Open show, Tubac Center of the Arts, Tubac, AZ

2018   Tubac Festival of the Arts, Tubac, AZ

2018   Member's Juried show, Tubac Center of the Arts, Tubac, AZ

2018    Santa Cruz Valley IOpen Studio, Tubac, AZ

2017    “1000 Words” juried exhibit, Columbia Center of the Arts, Hood River, OR
2017    “19” juried show, Tubac Art Center, Tubac, AZ2017    Emerald Art Center juried show, Springfield, Oregon2017   Art of Planetary Science show, Tucson, AZ
2017   Contemporary Art Society juried show, Tucson, AZ.
2017   Tubac Art Center juried show, Aqueous”, Tubac, ZA
2016    Tubac Art Center Member’s Show, Best in Show award
2016    Arizona  Juried Aqueous Show, Tubac, AZ
2015    Tubac Art Center Member’s Show, Tubac, AZ
2015    Tucson Airport Solo Exhibit, Tucson, AZ
2015    Santa Cruz Valley Open Studio Tour, Tubac, AZ
2015   “The Artist’s Journey”, Donna’s ,Tubac, AZ
2015    Southern Arizona Invitational Exhibition, Yuma, AZ
2015    Beyond Appearance, solo show Hall Gallery, , Tubac, AZ
2014    Tubac Art Center Member’s Juried Show, Tubac, AZ
2014    Tubac Art Center Member’s Show, Tubac, AZ
2014    Santa Cruz Valley Open Studio Tour, Tubac, AZ
2014    Tucson Museum of Art, “The Arts Speak”, Tucson, AZ
2014    Rare Earth Studio/Gallery, Tubac, AZ
2013    Inner Idea Artists Show, Monserrat Gallery, NYNY
2013    Tubac Arts Center Member’s Show, Tubac, AZ
2013    Orcas Island Studio Artist Tour, Orcas, WA
2013    Santa Cruz Valley Open Studio Tour, Tubac, AZ
2013    “Borders” juried exhibition, Tubac Arts Center, Tubac, AZ
2012    “The Studio” Gallery (six pieces) Tubac Arts Center, Tubac, AZ
2012    “Timeless Meditations” juried exhibit, Tubac Arts Center, Tubac AZ
2012    Tubac Arts Center Members Show, Tubac, AZ
2012    Orcas Island Studio Artist Tour, August
2012    8th Annual Student Exhibition, Orcas Center, Eastsound, WA
2012    Santa Cruz Valley Open Studio Tour, Tubac, AZ
2011    The Essence Art Exhibit at Indralaya, Eastsound, WA, August
2011    Tubac Arts Center Members Show, Tubac, AZ  August2011    Orcas Island Studio Artist Tour, August
2011    ‘On and Off the Wall’ Exhibit,Orcas Center, Eastsound, WA
2010    Islanders Bank solo exhibit, Eastsound, WA
2010     Art of the Journey Exhibit, Orcas Historical Society, Eastsound, WA
2009    ‘Our Vast Landscapes’, Orcas Center group show, Eastsound, WA
2008    ‘On and Off the Wall’ Exhibit, Orcas Center, Eastsound, WA
2000    Maude Kearns Art Center solo exhibit, Eugene, OR