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"What the greatest minds have ultimately sought from art is knowledge, a true or 'metaphysical'  knowledge, capable of reaching beyond the external appearance of phenomena in order to lead us to their intimate essence"  

Michael Henry on Kandinsky

Studio and gallery located in Tubac, Arizona

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About the work


My pantings are concerned with relating to the universe, both literally and figuratively.  For both the viewer and the artist, I envision painting as a meditation on the macrocosm and microcosm; that which cannot be seen by the naked eye.

My art is informed by eastern philosophy, specifically Buddhist and Theosophical teachings and a growing understanding of metaphysics and astronomy.  One can allow the eye to travel throughout the painting, feel a connection and perhaps a sense of the energy that pervades the universe,  a sense of unity and harmony.

Color is exciting; different colors have different vibrational and symbolic qualities which create unique inner experiences. A painting should have a resonance, vibration or vitality with which the viewer can connect.  My work is a reflection of the energy and beauty  in nature and the skies  and also of concepts as well as objects, of the vital energy that is within and without.  I want my works to have spirit rather than likeness and enjoy using the gestural brushstroke and certain universal symbols such as the circle and the spiral that express wholeness and life’s journey. 

  By connecting to the cosmos we feel a part of something greater.  There is “a sense of the luminous sacred that infuses the world” that draws and inspires me while gazing at the evening stars.